Egypt’s second biggest city, Alexandria, has a more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern environment and is known as ‘The Pearl of the Mediterranean’. Home to artifacts from antiquated Egypt, Greece and Rome, Alexandria is perfect for a stopover while in transit to Egypt’s dazzling Mediterranean drift. Situated toward the north of Cairo on the Nile Delta where the Nile meets the Mediterranean Sea, the city of Alexandria neglects a progression of sounds with brilliant sandy shorelines.

Shopping in Alexandria is an ordeal not to be missed on your movement arrangements to Egypt. Visit the gold and silver bazaars in El Manshiya and El Attareen, the fish showcase on the Corniche Road to El Kashafa, the gift and second-hand book shops in the Attarin District and the bazaars on Al-Witwalli Street. Remember to wrangle when making a buy as this is conventional in these parts. Egypt is a for the most part Muslim nation in this way men and lady should recollect to dependably ‘conceal’ and never go out in uncovering garments or outfits. If you would like to visit Egypt, it is advisable to have a look at Egypte Rondreis.

Golfers can appreciate a round or two at Egypt’s most seasoned fairway at the Alexandria Sporting Club which was worked in 1890 and at the Porto Marina Golf Course which incorporates a title course, a floodlit driving reach with 20 tees and seven target greens. Eating out is an extraordinary involvement in Alexandria. Try not to miss the conventional Egyptian mezzeh starters, sheep shwarma (what might as well be called Turkish doner kebabs) and the delectable sweets including nectar baked goods, dates absorbed drain and prepared rice.

Opened in 2002 this great bit of design which takes after a goliath sundial is a stunning rebirth of the celebrated antiquated library of Alexandria. The first library was home to the biggest accumulation of compositions on the planet and was a noteworthy focal point of learning for a long time until the point when it was torched in the third century. Found south of Fort Qaitbay on the Corniche this is an excellent mosque which was based on the remains of the old Mosque in 1943. The mosque has a high minaret and four vaults and is one of Alexandria’s most vital Islamic landmarks. Ladies are not permitted inside the mosque appropriate and may just visit a room at the back of the mosque.

The city of Al Alamein on the Mediterranean Sea is the place the fights amongst Montgomery and Rommel occurred amid the Second World War. Today burial grounds, war graves and landmarks can be seen here as indications of the city’s previous history. Presently home to a maritime historical center, this fifteenth century fortification stands on the site of the first Pharos beacon which was decimated by a quake in the fourteenth century. A lot of antiquated Alexandria lies under the ocean. Take a jumping journey to find the city’s numerous archeological remains which are safeguarded in this goliath submerged exhibition hall.